Our Strategy: Your Path to Success

We develop and integrate custom software to give our clients a competitive advantage.  Our cost effective development approach returns value through cost and schedule benefits.  Our industry experience includes Banking and Financial Services, Mortgage Banking, Real Estate, and Wholesale Distribution.


Our team of professional developers are held to high standards. In accordance with our many years of experience, we have developed a methodology that has produced consistent results across the board.

An Iterative Development Strategy:


We meet with your management and line-of-business staff to gain an understanding of the business problem to be solved.   Then we consult with your IT staff regarding your current technical environment, standards, and future direction.


Our understanding of the problem domain and recommendations are summarized in a proposal for a solution that suits your business. Our report will usually recommend a phased development approach with clearly defined objectives, an architecture map, and a high level plan.

Capture and Analize Requirements

CRESTCOM Technologies, Inc. works with your business and IT staff to gather the system's functional requrements.  We perform analysis and produce a systems requirements document (SRD).  Once the SRD is confirmed by our client we prepare a detailed cost proposal for the remaining project efforts.

Design /Prototype/Evolve

Business functions are logically grouped and prioritized for phased deveopment and delivery.  An inital block protoype is designed and built with minimal functionality and demonstrated to the customers project team.  This allows the users to experience the "look and feel" of the application and confirm / complete details of the design.  The protoype is evolved, demonstrated, tested, and corrected until an acceptable production version is approved.  In addition, "stake holders" can also get a sense of the progress made on the project.  Funtional discoveries made during these cycles provide feedback for the current products in development and input to follow-on delivery phases.  Using this approach often allows phases of the application to be implemented before the entire application is complete.  This allows some business benefits to be realized as the project progresses; while the users gain experience with the system.

Document / Complete / Accept

User and technical documentation is prepared as the system is developed.  The project deliverables are reviewed and final acceptance testing for the entire application is performed.  System implementation is planned and executed.