Supported Technologies

CRESTCOM Technologies, Inc. developers work with the following technologies and applications:


  • Appeon PowerBuilder
  • JavaScript, Java, JSP, HTML, XML
  • InfoMaker Reporting
  • Appeon - PowerServer Application Web Migration and Mobile Development Tools
  • Database Administration, SQL, PL/SQL
  • SAP / Sybase, ORACLE, and MicroSoft SQL/Relational Data Storage
  • OLAP/Data Warehousing
  • COGNOS Business Intelligence Tools
  • J2EE Distributed Applications
  • Smart Phone / Tablet / Mobile Application Development
  • Web Applications
  • Network Design and Administration
  • The SBT "Executive Series" business management and accounting software.



We do PowerBuilder Programming, Powerbuilder Development, Appeon Web Migration, COGNOS Development.  We can provide a PowerBuilder Developer or Programmer, or a COGNOS Developer.